About Us

Mission Statement

Fremont County Ice Hockey Association (FCIHA) is dedicated to providing the best on-ice youth sport opportunities and facilities in the State of Wyoming.

Vision Statement

Fremont County Ice Hockey Association (FCIHA) has a vision to build and grow the hockey association where we are recognized as a unifying and innovative group that creates a positive and nurturing hockey environment in Fremont County and the State of Wyoming. Our youth focused hockey programs will create a challenging learning environment that emphasizes fun, skill development, teamwork, and instill a life-long passion for the game of Hockey. We want to inspire our players to realize their full potential, to learn respect for themselves and others, and develop a mindset of personal responsibility and self-discipline in order to prepare them to face life's challenges - both on and off the ice.

Core Values

Good Sportsmanship

  1. Respect for others and the game of Hockey
  2. Being Honest
  3. Integrity
  4. Fair Play


  1. Working Hard
  2. Building Trust among players/coaches/parents
  3. Providing a safe environment for participants and families

Providing a Top-Quality Experience

  1. Knowledgeable Coaches/Instructors
  2. Structured Practices that follow USA Hockey Guidelines
  3. Pursuit of Excellence both on and off the ice
  4. Enjoyment
  5. Player and skill development

Building a Sense of Community

  1. FCIHA is dedicated to an inclusive and diverse hockey environment that encourages participation from all community members.
  2. FCIHA relies on volunteers to sustain the hockey program.


  1. Active programs that allow FCIHA to grow the organization and maintain existing, and new, facilities.
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